RISE REimagined

Welcome to our NEW Virtual Experience

we’ve transformed our virtual event space to bring you everything from our in-person events right to your living room

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November’s event is over... thank you so much!

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The Event Schedule

what is the RISE
virtual Experience?

The best of RISE... in your living room!

You may think you know what a RISE virtual event is like... but think again!

For our Fall/Winter tour, we knew we had to completely REimagine what the RISE Experience would look like. That’s how the REimagine Tour was born!

We’ve completely revamped our virtual classes with new production, a new format, and more! We’re bringing you everything from our in-person events: scholarships and awards, interactive education, and our stellar Cast!

The ability to join via Zoom will put you virtually in the room with our Cast, so they can see you and give you personalized feedback and corrections.

Our fall/winter REimagined tour will come to you LIVE from our NJ event space... with video streaming and sound, multiple camera angles, a mic-ed Cast, and assistants. Bring inspiration, progress, and unparalleled training to the comfort of your own home as we navigate these unprecedented times.

Zoom Interaction!

For the REimagined Tour our livestream Zoom Interactive allows participants to receive direct feedback from our Cast... live! With the Zoom Interactive, you’ll get an experience that is as close to in-person as possible!

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