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What is a RISE Experience event?

RISE Experience events are our one-day conventions. A RISE Experience event, while a smaller event, is a chance to get a taste of what we offer at our larger full-weekend events!

Can my studio register my child?

Yes! However, we must have a parent or guardian's contact information on file and a parent or guardian must fill out the waiver. For these reasons, it's usually simpler for the parent or guardian to register their child!


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If you have any questions that aren’t covered on this page, please reach out! We’re available to help you out. You can use the chat bubble on the bottom right of your screen, or click the button below to see other contact options.

Yes, we encourage parents to observe classes! We have a parent’s lounge where one parent from each family can view a live stream of all classes.

Not at this time. Observation of all classes will be offered within the designated lounges via live stream.