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jonathan merced



Unlike most, Jonathan Merced started training in dance when he was a teenager underneath the direction of Annette “Dancette” Pratts. Throughout the years, he received further training at prestigious dance studios such as Broadway Dance Center & Peridance with other choreographers/educators such as Jared Grimes, Luam & David Thomas. This led him to take a step into the commercial dance industry for a few years dancing behind successful indie pop artists allowing him to gain experience as a performer on stage.

But soon after, he came to realize his calling wasn’t on “the main stage” so to speak, but in a studio setting as a dance educator. He came to realize his “true calling” was working with young dancers to train and guide them in a positive direction of reaching their dreams. He’s been teaching for over 10 years and has taught at multiple studios along the east coast.

He’s currently a resident teacher at Sacred Heart University. He recently went overseas to Argentina, Buenos Aires to teach his unique stylized, story-based choreography which has won multiple accolades at competitions with dozens of studios he’s worked with. Over the years, some of his students have also gotten booked for Disney and other syndicated television networks/shows. He was also one of the top Man in Motion dance educators from 2012-2019.

He currently works closely with Drew James (Vogue editor), with expertise in dance/choreography, video & photography, whom he looks up to as a creative mentor. Working with Drew has allowed Jon to continuously push his range as an artist. But more importantly, it allows him to gain more experience and knowledge not only for himself, but for his students and other dancers. He hopes to continually be inspired and inspire others by doing what he loves.