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what is a rise takeover?

A RISE Takeover is a private event tailored for our host studio. RISE will work with your studio to create a schedule of classes that is beneficial to the students attending. Our host studio will be able to select styles of classes they would like to offer, as well as choose from a unique opportunity. RISE will “take over” your studio and create a new atmosphere to encourage growth and artistry on a more personal level.
In order to provide a truly unique event, we tailor the schedule of each location to what will best compliment the attendees. Every part of your RISE Experience is just that… an experience! We take entertainment seriously and we understand that it’s not enough to just host classes. We want everyone to have fun, learn, and bring home new perspectives and knowledge.

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RISE Takeovers are developed by the Directors of RISE in collaboration with Host Studio Director(s).